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At the Law Offices of Barry Green, you will receive Mr. Green’s personal attention for your case. Mr. Green will meet with you, talk with you over the phone, and personally take your case through the various stages of the claim, including litigation. With over 30 years experience in the courtroom, your case will receive the expertise it deserves.


In 2021, Mr. Green settled five personal injury claims for a total of over $1,000,000.00. Mr. Green also settled another Lemon car case. Mr. Green was also successful in obtaining a default judgment against a mortgage company thereby removing the mortgage and clearing his clients title to their property.

In 2020, Mr. Green arranged for a client to receive medical treatment without having to pay for the treatment until she settled her personal injury case. The case was settled for $50,000.00 policy limits. Mr. Green also helped a homeless client settle his personal injury claim for $55,000.00. Mr. Green also obtained another successful settlement against a home builder for problems with his work.

In 2019, Mr. Green settled six personal injury cases, some for policy limits and others for large confidential amounts. Mr. Green also helped a client resolve a long-standing family inheritance dispute.

In 2018, Mr. Green helped a Santa Fe client recover $175,000.00 from State Farm when State Farm denied her homeowner’s insurance claim for flood damage. Mr. Green also helped several families whose elders were being taken advantage of.

In 2017, Mr. Green helped an Albuquerque couple return there $50,000.00 lemon truck to Ford for a full refund pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act. Mr. Green also helped obtain a confidential settlement in the funeral home industry.

In 2016, Mr. Green assisted New Mexico Legal Aid in recovering $420,000.00 for a disabled senior when her home went into foreclosure and sustained tremendous damage during an illegal securing and winterization/de-winterization process. Mr. Green also creatively recovered $215,000.00 for a high school teacher riding his bicycle to work who was hit by a car backing out of a small business’ driveway.

In 2015, Mr. Green recovered over $631,000.00 for a wrongful death case that involved obtaining a change in the cause of death on the official Certificate of Death and obtaining insurance coverage from three different companies, one of which was not connected with the actual vehicle crash. Mr. Green also recovered over $275,000.00 for a homeowner that had been waiting five years for her insurance company to pay for the flood damage to her personal possessions.

In 2014, Mr. Green recovered $400,000.00 from a funeral home for cremating Mr. Green’s clients’ loved one before they had a chance to say goodbye. Mr. Green also recovered $190,000.00 in a motorcycle crash case where the insurance company acted in bad faith. Mr. Green also had the first of five successful credit card defense cases in which a debt consolidator was barred from ever collecting the credit card holder’s alleged debt. Mr. Green also successfully recovered over $125,000.00 in assets and cash that had been embezzled from his client’s mother’s estate.

In 2013, Mr. Green and co-counsel Pierre Levy, received a $3.5 million jury verdict representing a Farmers insurance agent fired by Farmers. Mr. Green also recovered $142,000.00 for a defective mobile home installation. In a very emotional case, Mr. Green was also able to restore the visitation rights of a father in a case with very unusual circumstances and unfounded allegations.

In 2012, Mr. Green recovered a $555,000.00 arbitration award against a financial advisor that lost Mr. Green’s clients’ life savings. Mr. Green also mediates cases for other attorneys and successfully mediated all of those cases in 2012.


Mr. Green does not charge for telephone consultations and is always willing to guide people to solutions that do not require an attorney’s help if appropriate. Mr. Green also offers discounts on his hourly rate for our elders, teachers, active service personnel, police, firefighters, and the disabled.